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Seriously? Sorry About The Fun Card Game Last Night

Seriously? Sorry About The Fun Card Game Last Night

My Apology

Sup, bros and lady bros! So get this… I got lectured by HR this morning over the fun card game we played after work last night in the lounge! I figured you guys could learn something new rather than playing solitaire all day on your computers. Sure it might have got a little out of hand after I dared the Social Snitch to do “something memorable,” but we’re all adults here, right? So I stepped up to the plate when she backed down. I don’t see what was so offensive, but I guess I’m sorry anyway.

All I ask is that if you got a beef with me just come straight to me instead of ratting me out to HR! Is that too much to ask? I mean, I know my dawgs. Drinky McGee? He’s as cool as they come! Heavy Meddle? He’s never said no to a party. Biz-dev Wolf? Don’t even get me started on the Wolfman. I mean, he’s LITERALLY a dog.

I thought we were all cool here, no? I guess not. I’m pretty sure I know who went all Benedict Cumbersnitch on me. You know who you are… I don’t need to call you out by name… STEVE! If it was you, bro, it’s all good. I’m not even mad. Just watch your back from now on because someone could easily trip over your play sword and file a lawsuit. Just sayin’.

Seriously? Sorry About The Fun Card Game Last Night
Corporate Monsters Card Game

Secret Santa?

In closing, I’m super, super sorry to anyone and everyone that was even a little bit offended by anything that went down last night during our card game and I mean that without any sarcasm whatsoever /s. I know most of you are down to party and didn’t have an issue with last night, but I apologize to those who weren’t on board. I don’t even know how you all are going to cope with our next Secret Santa or White Elephant Gift Exchange if you couldn’t handle this, but whatever.

Fun Card Game

If anyone else wants to volunteer for the next office game night, be my guest! Just don’t be surprised if you get called into HR the next morning. I’m willing to pony up again, but only if certain overly sensitive people aren’t still working nearby. Maybe we start a little bit later than 4pm next time.

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  1. Really, Tech Bro? You simply assume ’twas I who doth ratted you out? You should know that my nobility prevents such a wretched act! You ought to take your head out of your 21st-century communication device and payeth more attention!

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