Philip Rivers XFL in San Diego

Yes XFL! Bring Philip Rivers Back to San Diego Now!

Philip Rivers Returns to San Diego To Quarterback New XFL Team

What better way to reintroduce pro football to San Diego than to have Philip Rivers at the helm of their brand new XFL franchise? Sure he would be well above the budget of the other XFL QBs, but all I’m asking for is one year to start this thing off with a bang! Philip has been a pillar of the San Diego sports community on and off the field during all sixteen of his playing years. San Diegans love him for his passion for the game and the strong work ethic that pushed him through serious injuries during playoff runs. The feeling is mutual and on full display during his heartfelt farewell speech to San Diego back in February of 2019.

Say what you will about Rivers’ ups and downs on the field; there is no arguing what a good man and loyal father of, wait… how many now? At this pace, his family may outnumber the fans, proving that if you can’t cultivate a fanbase, breed ’em.

Yes XFL! Bring Philip Rivers Back to San Diego Now!

With Philip’s departure from the Chargers, I feel absolutely no reason to ever wish them success again. He was the last vestige of what could have been… Had only Spanos not made dumb decision after dumb decision to foil a dominant all-pro lineup year after year to prove what an absolute corporate monster he truly is. Lack of loyalty and compassion will be the Spanos legacy proven by letting Brees go after injury, fining Eric Weddle $10,000 for watching his daughter perform in a halftime show and of course uprooting the franchise to a city that couldn’t support even a single NFL franchise despite numerous previous attempts.

I remember being upset by Eli’s decision to not sign with the Chargers and chalked it up to not wanting to play for a small market team. Little did I know that it went far beyond that and Eli and his father, Archie, were ultimately proven right.

Take Back The Powder Blue!

I contend that the Spanos Chargers have no right to the brilliance that is the powder blue uniforms. Sure, technically they own the rights to the color scheme, but you know what I mean. The city that shall not be named has no love for the Chargers as is demonstrated in the stands each week of their “home” games. The Charger players would be better served if they created alternate jerseys that mirrored the look of their opponents each week. Charger fans could be asked to have a “blackout” game for any time they played against the Raiders, Steelers or Ravens, so only the crowd noise would be able to discern one group of fans from the other.

sea of red jerseyed fans
This is what a home game versus the Chiefs looks like. If you carefully count the red and blue pixels, you will notice there are not many blue ones.

A Final Middle Finger To A Real Corporate Monster

Imagine the look on Dean Spanos’s face to see a sold-out San Diego pro football game in an actual stadium after the massive amount of money and penalties he paid to move the team to their unwelcome home up north. I think that notion combined with the return of Phil at QB would easily get former Charger fans to turn out in droves to sell out the Q. I know all of my old frat bros and Gas Lamp bros could sell out at least one section on our own!

Not to rub salt into Spanos’s well-deserved wounds, but I’m willing to bet that the aerial trolls will remind Deano week after week of the number of tickets sold for the San Diego XFL team compared to what is sold in the new 70,000 seat Sofi Stadium.

Corporate Monsters
Corporate Monsters Card Game

It’s Really Not As Crazy As It Sounds!

There are many things to consider, including the obvious financial risks, but the timing really couldn’t be better for the XFL and the city of San Diego. Bringing in a huge name like Philip Rivers back to the place he started his career to a city that was robbed of their franchise looks really good on a new football league. A one year deal would no doubt be pricey, but the tv contracts, sponsorships, international headlines, and gravitas of this type of blockbuster is exactly what a new sports league needs.

Philip Rivers XFL Shucks
I can’t prove it, but I’m pretty certain Philip Rivers is saying “Ah, shucks, I’d love to play in San Diego again.”

Let’s make it happen, XFL!

3 thoughts on “Yes XFL! Bring Philip Rivers Back to San Diego Now!”

  1. Dream on, Tech Bro! That’s never going to happen. Rivers will sign for millions with Tampa or Indy. He isn’t going to take a 6 or 7 digit pay cut no matter how much he’d like to bring a pro football championship to San Diego. The current top salary for an XFL player isn’t believed to be over $500,000, so they’d have to at least quadruple that to even get Rivers slightly interested. My data suggests that the Chargers need to sign Tom Brady to have any hopes of filling seats in that massive new stadium.

  2. You are always such a buzzkill, bro! I already said it was a longshot. This is an opportunity for the XFL to throw down serious cash to show how serious they are about this thing. To make it extra sweet, they should just move the LA Wildcats to San Diego, since LA doesn’t need even one pro football team, no less three!

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